Nombre : The Susan´s Roof
Lugar: Flora y Fauna Tulum, Quintana roo.
Dimensión: 100 mts2
Diseño: Indigo diseño y Arquitectura

General Description: The package comes from an Anglo-Korean family based in Tulum. They thinking of staying in Tulum in the long term, acquire a beautiful and big house. The family did not have a roof top and they had many ideas on how they wanted to fill that blank. That’s when indigo design and architecture came in to help, located in the flora and fauna developments the “Roof of Susan” has a boho chic language in terms of design trends, with materials from the region and requirements of each member of the family to achieve a space of coexistence, relaxation and a pleasant and familiar atmosphere. With this project, indigo design and architecture began.

Video renders


360 view

Analysis and layout